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Ready for Awesomeness?

Contact me today to learn how to supercharge your community!

How Joining the Army at 17yo Helped My Business Thrive Thru Covid

When I first joined the Army in 2001 at 17yo, I didn’t do it for the love of country or because my grandfather and my two uncles had served or because there was a war to help fight. 9/11 actually happened 6 months after I joined. Great timing right?

I did it because my family couldn’t afford college.
It hasn’t been easy. I was driving during a deadly humvee wreck while in Panama which made the front page of their national newspaper. I turned 21 years old in Iraq while away from all of my family and friends.

Despite this, I’m thankful that I had any reason to join because it made me who I am today. Without exposure to different people from all over the world. I don’t know that I would have the same respect and empathy I have today.

I’m honored to have served in the USA where yes we have issues and we are not perfect but we have more freedom and opportunities than most.

Brands I’ve Helped

Is your brand always innovating? Have you created a new strategy or product recently? I work with brands of all shapes and sizes to create exposure and experiences that align with their goals and provide a WOW factor for their customers.

Leading Expert On Community

Luke Wade, army veteran and computer programmer, started an extremely popular adult sports and events company, KC Crew, in 2012 which has had over 85,000 league and event participants in 10 years in Kansas City alone.

Luke has used KC Crew’s success to venture into other business verticals such as league and facility management software, a media agency, and socially active food/beverage concepts that use his software and agency to supercharge communities and businesses in-person and virtually.

Luke now helps others create and supercharge thriving businesses, communities, and emotional experiences with in-person and virtual events, marketing, sports, partnerships, and philanthropy through his brand The Community Creator.

The Four Pillars Of Community


Events can be anything. A networking happy hour, pickup basketball game, a Grilled Cheese Festival, an Underachiever’s Run, or even an End of the World Zombie Pub Crawl. Create something unique so that your attendees have an amazing experience and are raving fans when they leave!


Everything from softball, sand volleyball, kickball, golf, and basketball to pickleball, cornhole and karaoke. I know karaoke is not a sport (don’t say that to our community of over 100 singers) but you get the idea. Anything that helps connect others while being active is great.


The foundation of a community is built on partnerships. Whether it’s working with Parks and Rec to fill unused space or helping connect Jimmy John’s, Jameson, Topgolf, a local hospital or window company to your community through an amazing sponsorship at an event or league, partnerships are key.


Who would we be if we didn’t help others? I started my own nonprofit and have helped over 100 others with fundraising, awareness campaigns, events, sponsorship, and more. I built my forprofits to always find ways to work with nonprofits as a part of their business. No matter what you do, there’s always a way to give back or help others.

The one local KC business person or entrepreneur I admire is Luke Wade. Luke has grown a vision/passion for community and bloomed it into a multifaceted organization that creates opportunities in various realms to exercise, be creative, and network.

Matt Moylan

Luke’s entire industry shut down. Not work from home, not take the weekend off, getting people for fun is literally illegal overnight. Now, he’s figuring out how to create a new industry to connect people not just in KC but across multiple cities.
Michael Keenan
There is a reason why we all admire Luke so much. He is a true community leader, in every way. Take a look at all the things he put together to keep things going for so many who are starting too slow or stop altogether. Thank you for continuing to connect us all even when we can’t be face to face. Keep innovating Luke. We need people like you more than ever.
Santina Cessor

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