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How joining the Army at 17yo helped my business thrive thru COVID

When I first joined the Army in 2001 at 17yo, I didn’t do it for the love of country or because my grandfather and my two uncles had served or because there was a war to help fight. 9/11 actually happened 6 months after I joined. Great timing right?


I did it because my family couldn’t afford college.


It hasn’t been easy. I was driving during a deadly humvee wreck while in Panama which made the front page of their national newspaper. I turned 21 years old in Iraq while away from all of my family and friends.


Despite this, I’m thankful that I had any reason to join because it made me who I am today. Without exposure to different people from all over the world. I don’t know that I would have the same respect and empathy I have today.


I’m honored to have served in the USA where yes we have issues and we are not perfect but we have more freedom and opportunities than most.

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KC Crew dives into virtual entertainment, surviving long enough to reopen summer sports

When COVID-19 shut down organized sports across the city, Luke and Katy Wade went back to the basics to keep KC Crew active — putting a virtual spin on classic entertainment options.


“Who would have thought bingo you know?” Luke Wade said, referencing his first experiment in finding an alternative diversion for a newly online-only audience. Later iterations expanded into trivia, murder mysteries and scavenger hunts, he added.


Click here to check out KC Crew’s virtual offerings and its newly started summer lineup.


KC Crew first made its mark on Kansas City as an in-person downtown-area sports operation, offering such ongoing adult leagues as softball, volleyball, kickball, cornhole and pickleball since 2012. Summer leagues typically draw about 4,000 players each week, Wade said.


But not in 2020.


“On March 15 — when they declared that no one was allowed to gather in groups larger than 10 — we had to cut our pickleball league season short. The next day, we had to let everyone go, so it was just my wife and I left running the company,” he said of the Hy-Vee Arena-based operation. “Once everything got shut down, even my software that runs leagues wasn’t making money — because no one was running leagues — so all of my businesses were kind of just tanked.”


The ‘bingo!’ moment!

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Leading Expert On Community

Are you always looking for something fun and new to do in your city and not finding what you are looking for? Do you wish there was a better way to meet new people and create awesome friendships? Have you played in mismanaged sports leagues or attended a crappy event? Do you want to start something of your own on the side and make some great money doing it?


I get it. I’ve been there. About 10 years ago I was new to my city, driving all over looking for quality sports and events and trying to meet new friends. I knew there had to be a better way. There wasn’t so I created one.

Start Building Your Community with Virtual Events

The Four Pillars of Community


Events can be anything. A networking happy hour, pickup basketball game, a Grilled Cheese Festival, an Underachiever’s Run, or even an End of the World Zombie Pub Crawl. Create something unique so that your attendees have an amazing experience and are raving fans when they leave!


Everything from softball, sand volleyball, kickball, golf, and basketball to pickleball, cornhole and karaoke. I know karaoke is not a sport (don’t say that to our community of over 100 singers) but you get the idea. Anything that helps connect others while being active is great.


The foundation of a community is built on partnerships. Whether it’s working with Parks and Rec to fill unused space or helping connect Jimmy John’s, Jameson, Topgolf, a local hospital or window company to your community through an amazing sponsorship at an event or league, partnerships are key.


Who would we be if we didn’t help others?  I started my own nonprofit and have helped over 100 others with fundraising, awareness campaigns, events, sponsorship, and more. I built my forprofits to always find ways to work with nonprofits as a part of their business. No matter what you do, there’s always a way to give back or help others.