The Community Creator

The one local KC business person or entrepreneur I admire is Luke Wade. Luke has grown a vision/passion for community and bloomed it into a multifaceted organization that creates opportunities in various realms to exercise, be creative, and network.

Matt Moylan

Luke’s entire industry shut down. Not work from home, not take the weekend off, getting people for fun is literally illegal overnight. Now, he’s figuring out how to create a new industry to connect people not just in KC but across multiple cities.
Michael Keenan
There is a reason why we all admire Luke so much. He is a true community leader, in every way. Take a look at all the things he put together to keep things going for so many who are starting too slow or stop altogether. Thank you for continuing to connect us all even when we can’t be face to face. Keep innovating Luke. We need people like you more than ever.
Santina Cessor